Take Action


The people in this documentary are serving as leaders who are lending their voice to the underdog and leading a revolution to a better world, from the ground up! Their initiatives all started small, and so can you!


Farming is Activism. How do I get involved? 


  1. Challenge Dominant Food Systems + Regimes 
  2. Support Your Local Farmers.
  3. Get growing! 
  4. Inspire your friends and neighbours with Food For The Rest of Us. Share our trailer, consider hosting a community screening!
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Links and Resources:


Queer Nature https://www.queernature.org


Inuvik Community Greenhouse https://www.inuvikgreenhouse.com


Northern Farm Training Institute https://nftinwt.com


MA’O Organic Farm https://www.maoorganicfarms.org


Aloha Lives Here https://www.alohaliveshere.org


Community Movement Builders http://www.communitymovementbuilders.org


Uzazi Village https://uzazivillage.org